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Window Light in Church

You Chose Me

(c) Linda Hutchison June 2017

The whisper of Your voice

The touch of Your hand

The sense of Your Presence

Comes softly, reassuringly.

I know You see me

Created lovingly

In Your image

Reflected gently, perfectly.

A shift comes on me

Changing winds

A season opens

Revealed slowly, encouragingly.

Where You lead I choose to follow

The path winds forward

Future gifted

Living truthfully, willingly

Faith seeks the unseeable

Learns the unknowable

Steps in secret footprints

Trusting implicitly, confidently

Becoming me is for Your honour

Not for kudos

It’s our story

Sharing glory, testimony.

To know You is to love You

Feel Your closeness

Leaning into

Resting perfectly, restoringly

You chose me

So I let go

Of the world’s frame

Walking openly, defiantly.

Crafted by You

For this purpose

Words speak of You

Lived authentically, transparently


You Chose Me: Work
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