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Image by Adalia Botha

A Daisy Named Jake

(c) Linda Hutchison January 2020

There once was daisy named Jake

Who lived by the side of a lake

He was sunning one day

When he started to sway

And found himself squashed by a snake

But there’s more to this story of Jake

Who found himself flat by the lake

He was starting to stir

When he felt all the blur

Of the wings of a bee on the make

So here was our hero called Jake

Who was wond’ring how much he could take

His petals shook free

And he startled the bee

So that back in the sun he could bake

So the lesson from Jake you can take

Is that when from your problems you wake

Find a place by the moss

Where you don’t give a toss

And your thirst for some joy you will slake.


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