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Image by Szilvia Basso

Take My Hand

(c) Linda Hutchison May 5, 2020

Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash

The first time you took my hand, your tiny fingers barely reached around one of mine.
I saw in you a reflection of me and yet more.
Love, affection, joy and potential.
As you grew, you took my hand and I led you through life.
You stepped unsteadily on the playground
We crossed the road together
Walked along the beach
Shopped for ice-cream
And entered the school ground for the first time,
Hand in hand.
I took your hand as you faced each new challenge and adventure.
We shared popcorn at the movies.
We played with the dog in the garden.
We faced the storms with our faces pressed against the glass,
Pretending to lick the rain drops
And ducking for cover from the thunder.
And now the rain runs straight down my face
And I barely notice.
The rumbles of thunder that fell that day continue in my stomach.
You took my hand and led me into the depths of your pain.
Lightning struck.
I didn’t want to go there, and I can’t unsee what you showed me.
My heart is stuck somewhere between here and wherever you are.
I want to run away, but there is nowhere I can hide from it.
And there are others that still need me.
I face each day with you in mind, feeling the impression of your hand,
And I surge forward, partly out of habit and always forced.
Now it is time for you to help me.
When I feel lost and wonder if I’m pressing on for the right reasons,
Take my hand, ever so gently, and lead me forward.
I know you know the way.

Take My Hand: Work
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